About Us

Ditch Your Normal Pillow & Blanket

Carrying a pillow and blanket along with a carry bag when you’re in an airport, driving, or even waiting to travel can be a huge headache. With a MoseyLee Travel Bag, you can easily carry your pillow and blanket with you, WITHOUT them falling all over the place, and still have a functional bag to carry your essentials and accessories!

We Make Sizes Fit For Everyone!

We have child sizes, and medium & large adult sizes. MoseyLee Travel Bags come in a variety of styles - backpacks, purses, carry bags and more - the men’s bag is even shaped like a professional-looking duffel bag!

Comfy & Functional For Life On-The-Go

Whether you're relaxing at home, sporting events, daycare, MoseyLee pillow and blanket bags allow you to carry your essentials while being comfortable wherever you are.


MoseyLee is Where Fun Meets Comfort

Don’t make traveling a literal pain by NOT having a pillow… use a MoseyLee Travel Bag to make your trips fun & comfy! Choose from our tasteful variety of styles and sizes.